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This group stuff is new to me so sorry if I am intruding...
Alrighty! I have a load of songfic (or just fan fiction in general) ideas and I wanna write Sadstuck. So...
??? x Reader
(I'd prefer pre-scratch characters)

The young honey-blooded troll walked up to his moirail, Kurloz Makara. He had serious business to discuss with him.

Kurloz nodded for him to continue, his stitched lips prevented his speech.

“Nobody listens to me,” the lowblood said, “but now... Latula listened. She’s planning on taking on that... that horrible threat herthelf.”

The lowblood gripped his head and stared at the ground. “It was nice she listened, yeah, but... She can’t to do this herself! It’s... Just... Too dangerous.”

“What do you expect me to do, Mituna?” Kurloz signed, stitched smile fading.

“Just...” Mituna hesitated. “Bring my body back when it’s over, okay?”

Kurloz’s face dampened with concern, but with friendly support as well. He nodded, eyes narrowed inward.

“You’re sure about this, right?” Kurloz asked as he quickly flashed signs with his quick fingers.

“I have too,” Mituna said. “Let’s go.”


The two moirails continued on, heading for mentioned threat. Their eyes were set on a their own distinct goal, destined to somehow happen.

Poor Mituna, Kurloz thought to himself, he shouldn’t be doing this to himself. Kurloz put his pal to him face, slapping against his forehead, not caring about his face paint.

“Mituna!” Kurloz screeched with his terrifying chucklevoodoos, grabbing Mituna’s shoulder and spinning him around from his position at front.

“Kur-?” Mituna began, but stumbled back as Kurloz lost his grip. Scrambling away from the lowblood, Kurloz gripped his head, digging his nails into his wild hair.

“You don’t even have to do this!” Kurloz snapped loudly, still using his chucklevoodoos. “Why!?”

“For Latula...” Mituna growled. “And... I’ve... Seen things, horrible things! I have to! For the sake of this timeline! If... We’ll all die! It’s the only way!”

Kurloz continued to look at Mituna in disgust, any trace of support gone. Mituna’s eyes glew bright red and blue as she leapt at Kurloz, gripped the sides of his face.

“Kurloz! Stop!” Mituna pleaded in a strong tone as he pinned the highblood to the ground.
“All of us! Die! I’d rather that!” Kurloz screeched, ignoring Mituna’s words. “This is all just a doomed timeline!”

Mituna’s eyes glowed brightly as he blasted Kurloz, which seemed to do little affect, though.
“Get off me, Tuna!” Kurloz snarled shoving away the smaller troll. “Kill us all now! The mirthful messiahs plead so!”

Mituna continued to attack Kurloz, trying to calm him from his rage. Hours passed before Mituna was able to calm him. But by then, Mituna had completely burned himself out.

Mituna? Kurloz wondered, his entire body covered in burn marks. The highblood looked around, only to find his gaze rest on the limp body of Mituna.

The prince’s eyes widened as he raced to his motionless moirail, fear stirred in his chest. As he approached the lowblood, he let out a regretful sigh. He picked up his moirail, and remembered what he said to him: “Just... Bring my body back when it’s over, okay?”

Kurloz burnt with shame. He shouldn’t have gone crazy. He shouldn’t have went against Mituna for so long, he obviously would have burnt himself out. Too late, now, though.

“I’ll bring you back to Latula, okay, ‘Tuna?” Kurloz wanted to say at that moment, but he could not speak.


“Tuna?!” Came the shocked and concerned voice of Latula as her matesprit’s moirail walked in. “What happened?!”

Kurloz started viciously flashing signs with his hands, trying to explain what happened.
Latula sighed and took Mituna from Kurloz.

“He’s still breathing,” Latula said as she observed Mituna’s torso. “I hope he wakes up.”
Kurloz nodded in agreement as he slowly backed away, feeling horrible.


“Hello, Kurloz.”

Kurloz turned around as Kankri approached him. Kankri was wearing his casual attire, those freaking pants…

“I heard your dear moirail Mituna has awoken,” Kankri announces. “I had to tell you-“

Kurloz threw his hand over Kankri’s mouth and raced for where Mituna had been at for the past few days. It was insane how fast the news about Mituna had spread. It had gotten to Cronus first, then Horuss, then Meenah, then the rest of them.

“Er, Kurloz!” Latula said franticly as she slowed down the purple-blooded troll. “You... You can’t approach him too fast, okay? He’s... changed.”

Kurloz nodded as he slowly approached the sitting down Mituna.

He sat down next to his moirail as Mituna’s matesprit’s exited the room. Kurloz reached a hand over Mituna’s shoulder and rested it there.

“Eerrrreeeeee... KURLOTH?! ITH TFHAT YOUUU?!” Mituna stuttered, voice higher pitched and slightly psychotic. He wore a helmet, covering his eyes.

Kurloz started flashing out random signs, wondering if Mituna would understand him.

“Mituna, how are you feeling?” Kurloz signed frantically.

“Uhmmhh... Mey head... It hurth!!” Mituna said psychotically, gripping his head tightly. “Oghhh.... Uhgh.”

“It’ll be okay, Tuna,” Kurloz signed. “You have me and Latula to-“

“Latula!” Mituna weeped. “Ghggghg... Where ith.... grhhhh... My matethprit?”

“She’s just outside,” Kurloz signed, staring at Mituna. He looked the same... But just wasn’t deep down.

“I’m so sorry, Tuna,” Kurloz signed.

“Whath are you thalking aboult??” Mituna asked, head tilted.

Kurloz knew Mituna wouldn’t understand, but he had to say it. Even though he did, he still felt terrible. Mituna didn’t understand him, and probably never would.

“Forgithen.” Mituna suddenly gave Kurloz a hug, a wide smile on the lowblood’s face.

Kurloz smiled as well, feeling like he was about to cry. He returned the hug, feeling happy about it. At least Mituna remembered. Did he?

“You remember what happened?” Kurloz asked with his signs.

“Whathhhtgt?!” Mituna said frantically, pulling away and starting to freak out. “No no no no no no no no no no no!”

Kurloz quickly wrapped his arms around Mituna, hugging him again. He started to hum, and papped Mituna.

“No... No... Nah... Huh...” Mituna muzzled into Kurloz’s flank and his breathing slowed.
Kurloz papped Mituna one last time before he fell asleep. Kurloz put his hand on Mituna’s head, gently stroking his hair. He felt happy that he was with his moirail, in a different way, but still horrible that he did that to Mituna.

Kurloz sighed one last time before laying Mituna down. He laid down next to him, noticing the yellow-blood curl up. Kurloz closed his eyes and fell asleep next to his dear moirail. He hoped that things would get better soon.

But they wouldn’t.



There's another head cannon just can't find it!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
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