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so i went to paradox space a week or so ago and read DAMARA. honestly it was creepy and i waited a while for the fourth page. later i checked and it was done. i looked it over, did some research on "TOMIE" and was freaked out.

ANTIQUATED JAPESTERISM. i read it and it was HILARIOUS. what did you guys think of it? honestly it made me laugh at jake's ignorance and gentlemanli-nessss... o-o

what do you guys think of THE INAUGURAL DEATH OF MISTER SEVEN? I'm caught up with it and GEEEEZZZZZ crowbar's eyes are all bug-like

what do you think? :?



did you guys see the 6th page of the felt one?? (i really hope that's not a mating jig (O_______O; )
This group stuff is new to me so sorry if I am intruding...
Alrighty! I have a load of songfic (or just fan fiction in general) ideas and I wanna write Sadstuck. So...
??? x Reader
(I'd prefer pre-scratch characters)
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Welcome to Forever-Homestuck! This group is about homestuck and all about homestuck
This group shall grow into the biggest homestuck group ever!
[The group automatically accepts all requests to join.]


1 - Uncensored works that contain Mature Content such as nudity, extreme violence, or other ideologically-sensitive material will not be tolerated within the group. Failure to supply and filter will result in a permanent ban.

2 - Spamming the group profile is not allowed. Spamming includes but is not limited to: advertisements for yourself or another website irrelevant to the group/the topic at hand, self-promo'ing (announcing you do commissions/requests/llama4llama/whatever), unnecessary and repetitious comments, roleplaying in the comments (especially on blog entries and the group profile. That's a huge no-no. Do that on your own time on your own profile), etc..

3 - Deviations that do not relate to Homestuck and PURELY Homestuck are not allowed and will be removed from the group. (ex.: crossovers, fanventures, works from other fandoms, etc.)

4 - Keep arguments to a minimal. Conflict with a resolution is allowed, however outright bashing eachother is not. The group is meant to be a happy, Homestuck-loving one, full of kids and fun. Bringing a huge argument into the group is flat-out dumb; if the issue is as big as it is, members should be PM'ing eachother about their feelings - not wasting space on blog entries.

5 - Plagiarism is not tolerated within this group. If you are caught re-coloring, re-uploading, stealing, tracing, or using someone else's work for monetary gain WITHOUT permission, you will be automatically banned. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism; this group is meant to express individual ideas about our beloved webcomic, not stolen ones. (The few exceptions to this rule include bases and lining works, when credited correctly.)

6 - Unfinished artwork (including but not limited to: works-in-progress, sketches/sketchdumps, uncolored artwork [unless left intentionally uncolored], etc.) is not allowed and will be removed from the group.

* Failure to follow these rules will be followed in a two-step process (unless specified otherwise). The steps include a series of "offenses" recognized by the administrators. The 1st offense is dealt with by a mod when you are caught not following the rules the first time. A mod will politely comment on your profile or PM you to remind you of the rules and explain what you are doing wrong. If not cooperated with/if offensed another time, the 2nd offense is dealt with through a permanent ban/block of the user from the group. This means the user will no longer be able to take part in the things normal members can participate it - like submitting artwork, suggesting favorites, etc. *

Homestuck haters just leave the page if you dont like homestuck.

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May I join the group please?
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I dont mean to advertise but does anyone have the PesterChum app on their pc? I'd love some folks to rp fantrolls with c:
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does anyone post journals anymore?? O.o
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Obama :3
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Fantroll folder is full.
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hs icon:trolls and 2 cherubs 
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if anyone is in the mood for a RP or whatever im always open
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what is the point of size limiiiiit
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The trolls 2 folder is full.
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Can we also add OCs and trolls as shipping? o7o
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